Antonio Linares


Based in Spain

My philosophy of client engagement is that I like to introduce myself as a professional that pays strong attention to responsibility vis-à-vis my engagement with my clients; responsibility means strong sensitivity to quality. I love performing “a job well done”. For that purpose, I engage my clients by paying attention and to not to over-promise as in the business of executive development, teambuilding and business transformation. Our work requires strong client involvement. I do not want to give the impression to my clients that outstanding performance can be reached without their full presence and contribution to the process. When performing executive coaching, I pay attention to six essential role capabilities; When performing team development, I pay attention to six essential team capabilities And when helping in business transformation, I pay attention to six system levers. All those capabilities, and their relative importance, are presented in three different books I have published the last five years. My specific areas of expertise are: executive coaching, team development, learning communities and systems transformation.
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