Sheila Damadoran


Based in Botswana

Founder & Managing Director of Systems Thinking Leadership Development Institution (STLDi) that undertakes global works in the field and is a strategy development consultant. She works with national leaders helping to develop the confidence and habits required in making systemic impact on vexing issues that have remained persistent and in that way, grow their nation’s economies. Her current focus is Africa and Asia.

organizational assessment programs


  • A professional and veteran corporate trainer of the five disciplines, researcher, and expert strategy development consultant having conducted her practice for the past 24 years. She is currently developing a series of research and training programmes globally and intends to develop a post-graduate programme in the field.
  • Conducted training & development to over 3,000 senior personnel across central and local governments, and the private sector globally. For the Government of Botswana she has offered support in their efforts to develop national strategies for systemic impact.

Education & Affiliations

  • Management Degree – National University of Singapore,
  • Professional qualifications in the practice of The Fifth Discipline from Civil Service College of
  • Singapore under the mentorship of Dr Daniel H. Kim
  • Currently advancing the theory of Systems Thinking with her model of “The Onion”


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