Stephen Gianotti

MS. B. Ed.,

Based in United States

My experience has taught me that it is best to meet the client where they are and then through collaborative and strategic partnership guide the client, using constructive candor and data, closer to their defined desired state. This is best done by considering the whole enterprise and its interconnected parts using Systems Thinking and Transformational Dialogue development techniques. Make no mistake. Real change requires going as quickly as you can and as slowly as required. TWG embraces this paradox in all of its work and invites clients to do the same. To optimize the chances for sustainable change, we incorporate a PRE, DURING & POST Methodology.
stephen gianotti team and group effectiveness


  • Executive Coaching
  • Strategic On-Boarding for new leaders joining established team/departments
  • Strategic board retreats using PRE, DURING & POST Methodology
  • Facilitated Leadership Development Programs (up to two years in length)
  • Diagnostics for Complex Organizational Challenges & Visions
  • 360 Design, Implementation and Follow-up
  • Organizational Climate Studies/ Employee Surveys
  • Employee Realignment

Education & Affiliations

  • Bachelors – Self Designed – Teaching Through the Use of the Arts
  • Masters in Business Education
  • Certified and/or trained in 9 business and leadership assessments
  • Dr. Daniel Kim – Apprenticeship 2009 to 2015 – Transformational Dialogue & Systems Thinking
  • Mentors: Peter Senge, Edgar Schein, Robert Fritz, Donald Kirkpatrick, Margaret Wheatley, Benjamin Zander and Robert Kegan
  • Currently the Board Chair for the Global Society for Organizational Learning and a member of Global Coaching Community and SoL North America.


  • Mentoring – 50-Minute Manager Series Logical Operations Publishing 4th Edition, by Stephen Gianotti & Gordon Shea – 2014
  • Making the Most of Being Mentored: Mentors Help. Mentees Do. 2nd edition, Axzo Press, by Gordon Shea & Stephen C. Gianotti – 2009
  • Mentoring: Make It a Mutually Rewarding Experience 4th Edition, Axzo Press, By Gordon Shea & Stephen C. Gianotti – 2009

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