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Realizing Team Effectiveness is the name of the game.

“Any successful organization has at is core, highly effective teams.”

Highly successful teams, while operating with optimal “flow” and minimal “friction”, viscerally know the critical important of cross functional teamwork. The most competitive & sustainable organizations around the globe have learned how to do this.

Team Effectiveness Diagnostics

Diagnosing team dynamics data and anecdotal information to help form an aligned understanding of “current state” of a group or team.

Group Facilitation

Highly effective expertise in facilitating team & group meetings so that all members can participate, speak and be heard with specific actions and strategies going forward.

Strategic Integration of a New Leader into an Established Team

Proven techniques for exponentially integrating a newly hired leader into an established team, department or group.

Team Development & Learning

Increasing the current value that a team creates with a specific goal of what that value must be a year from now. When teams learn together, their collective impact is exponentially increased both for that specific team AND cross functionally.

Off-site Retreats

Using a PRE, DURING & POST methodology, co-creating the optimal process for moving out of the daily operational mind set and creating necessary space for focusing on critical strategic conversations.

Individual Development Plans

Co-creating a strategy to become the best employee possible AND the best professional possible long beyond one’s current role.

Remote Teambuilding

Even before COVID-19, TWG was conducting remote learning around the globe. TWG has capacity for small, medium, or large groups with recorded sessions, break out rooms, polling options, chats, and a streamlined process for invitations across multiple time zones.

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Case Study

Real Results,
Real Impact

The Woodland Group designed, created and managed a consortium providing full service organizational development and training services for a mix of companies in multiple industries such as Health Care, High Tech, Manufacturing, Banking, Education, Utilities and Public Service to name a few. There was economy of scale, ease and frequency of access and a bonus by-product of “cross pollinated” learning – different industries learning from other industries.

“The Woodland Group is the best!  The leadership development that my managers and emerging leaders have received through The Woodland Group is truly unique. They brought a level of personal interaction that instilled trust in what was brought to each of the learning & development sessions.  Not only did they come prepared with an effective curriculum, but it was delivered in a way that was impactful, engaging, deeply sincere and personal. I am glad to have been associated with The Woodland Group’s Leadership Development program for almost twenty years with many successful graduates who have become our next generation of leaders.” 


– President, Global Manufacturing Company

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Their Words — TWG's Impact

“Stephen started coaching me when I first stepped into my Product Line Leadership role. He created a customized strategic on-boarding process that included extensive data gathering, a survey, executive coaching and an offsite team alignment. He’s really good at pulling us back to the strategic discussion when we were into the weeds. At the same time he also helped us to break the goals into executable key actions for each one of us. In the first 3 months of the role, he frequently asked me ‘how are you doing’. I didn’t understand the purpose of this question in the first month. Soon enough, I realized how I spend my time efficiently is one of the most important keys to success in my new role. Stephen absolutely strategically sped up my learning curve in so many ways. We have remained friends since then.”

- Product Line Manager, Global High Tech Industry​
"Working with The Woodland Group has given our entire employee population the support needed to raise our Employee NPS scores by 35 points. Effective managers equal happy employees and we can thank The Woodland Group for that."

- HR Director, Family Owned Business​


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