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“Who you become is in your hands AND you don’t have to do it alone.”

The Woodland Group strategically partners with you to become the highest performing professional you aspire to become.

Individual Coaching

Working with an individual contributer to realign thinking & behavior to take performance to the next level.

Executive Coaching

Upper level responsibilities are differentiated, diagnosed and challenged to be more impactful and more fully aligned with senior management.

Individual Development Plans

Co-creating a strategy to become the best employee possible AND the best professional possible long beyond one’s current role.

Specific Skill Development

A variety of individual modules for building a specific skill or set of skills.


Finding solutions and middle ground to contentious or problematic working relationships. 


Choose from over 12 different assessments to have data upon which developmental direction is created and implemented.

Remote Coaching

Even before COVID-19, TWG was conducting remote/virtual coaching around the globe. While most would agree that face-to-face is the preferred way to do Coaching, many people actually find the remote or virtual coaching process advantageous in terms of travel, cost, scheduling and convenience.

Case Study

Real Results,
Real Impact

Imagine being newly hired to an Executive Director role. You are new to the community, new to the staff, board and customers. Oh, and the organization is not making money. Your new role requires a very quick ramp up and has nearly no “margin of error” in your leadership decisions. TWG stepped in at the very beginning of this Leader’s tenure as a strategic on-boarding partner. Using executive coaching, assessing the organization’s needs, fully understanding the board and strengthening this new leader’s skills, TWG was able to provide the needed support for this newly hired leader to succeed.

“Stephen Gianotti’s knowledge about organizational, people and strategic improvements, combined with his care, straightforwardness and visceral mentorship has been extremely valuable to me as I lead/turnaround this organization. Sometimes, it seems like telepathy, but he’ll reach out at the pinnacle of my stress or concerns with a check in or the perfect article to read. In my first year with this company, Stephen’s coaching and mentorship has helped the improvements that I had wished for. If you get a chance to work with him, take it.”

~ Executive Director, Entertainment Industry

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Their Words — TWG’s Impact

“I want to thank you for all the years of coaching and support that you’ve given me. I certainly would not have had a successful career in healthcare had it not been for you. I am grateful for all of your contributions and guidance.”

– Senior VP of Human Resources, Healthcare“It is my pleasure to recommend Stephen Gianotti. Have been working with him for several months and he is absolutely one of the kindest and helpful Intern supervisors I have ever met. He is very good at his expertise in consulting and he is very patient in teaching me and other interns. At the same time he offers advice outside of work to help us to be successful in both our work and our personal lives.”

– MBA, Student Intern “Stephen and I have been working together for 20+ years. I can say that his intellect and candor are two things that I most appreciate about his style. He is thoughtful, considerate, and not afraid to ask the tough questions. I have thoroughly enjoyed our times together.”

– President, Manufacturing Industry – Family Owned Business