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Realizing Organizational Potential

“Is our organization working smarter today than it was yesterday?”

While focusing on specific parts of the organization for increased learning and productivity is very valuable, assessing & impacting how the entire organization learns and remains competitively productive is even more important.  Addressing a small part of your company doesn’t always positively impact the larger part.  That is why TWG’s organizational development expertise can provide powerful strategies for making critical and sustainable differences for your collective future.

Human Resources Infrastructure

Conducting an audit of the current Human Resources processes, providing a candid assessment & a plan for finding the balance of having sufficient HR structure but not too much.  Targeted examples could be Performance Management, 360 Feedback, work from home policies, harassment policies, discipline policies, etc.

Organizational Design

How a company is organized determines how effective it is or is not.  Using a foundational set of System Thinking tools, TWG helps you diagnose with data your current systems, policies, procedures, and your organizational chart.  This forms the basis for making sensible date-driven organizational changes.

Innovative Recruitment Strategies

Traditional resume sorting is highly inefficient and often loses some of the most viable candidates.  This behavioral based and highly structured process of discerning and differentiating talent saves immense time & nets better results.

Culture Surveys & Focus Groups

Extensive experience in gathering employee input cross functionally, cross-location and cross culturally, so that data is used in key management decisions.

Corporate & Board Retreats

Using a PRE, DURING & POST methodology, co-creating the optimal process for moving out of the daily operational mind set and creating necessary space & process for focusing on critical strategic conversations.


Using proven assessments validated by research gives you the information you need about what is going on organizationally in a number of key areas.  With this data your organizational direction and decisions are greatly enhanced and are an extremely valuable compliment to your own anecdotal data.

Remote Organizational Development

In a world that requires fast and nimble response time for short and long-term initiatives, remote/virtual consulting practices are essential. This allows clients not to be bound by geography or travel expenses and makes available expertise literally around the world and literally at your fingertips.

employee engagement program

Case Study

Real Results,
Real Impact

Since 2003, a North American manufacturing company (owned by a European parent company) has partnered with The Woodland Group. This collaboration has included:
  • Yearlong leadership programs for 5 cohort groups of emerging leaders now in upper management roles,
  • Daylong departmental retreats
  • Employee surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Customized 360 Feedback implementations
  • Individual coaching
  • Mediation

“We worked with the Woodland Group to help establish a High Performing Team structure for one of our global functional leadership teams.  During an extensive preparation phase, TWG worked closely with us to understand our business context as well as the background of the team members. As part of the subsequent workshop, TWG found a highly impactful balance between theory and reality – helping to frame insights and their significant experience in a highly effective and credible manner.’” 


– VP HR – Global Food Industry

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Their Words — TWG's Impact

“I have leveraged The Woodland Group in several organizational development engagements on a world-wide basis. Some of those engagements were Strategic On-boarding, Team Alignment and capacity building. Their diagnostic practices and facilitated solutions provided great results for both leadership development impact as well as business results.”

- HR Director, Global High Tech Company
"As a fourth generation family business, Stephen guided us in our self-examination to clarify our strategic focus and provided tools to more effectively communicate as an executive team encouraging empowering our leader’s engagement rather than the traditional top down management style."

- President - Automotive Industry


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