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Assessments play a key role in the work that TWG does with Individual, Team & Organizational development. Properly completed and analyzed, they can provide us with the confirming or contradicting data that we need to inform what we think we know vs. what we actually know, and this information can ultimately help us realize both our smaller and larger goals and objectives.

We are experts in 12 practical assessments and invite you to learn more about each below — who its for and what it will provide — and we encourage you to contact us if you’re interested in taking any or all of them. We’re happy to send you a sample assessment or you can order the full assessment.

Golden Personality Profile

This assessment is like a business-friendly Myers-Briggs. It provides a paired scaling of the behaviors that we most prefer to use. There are 40 specific behaviors that measure how a person prefers to get information, make decisions, and organize and manage his/her/their energy. There are also 10 additional behaviors measuring reactions to stress.

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Indicator

This assessment measures our preferred behaviors when it comes to dealing with conflict based upon 5 measured modes of dealing with conflict: Avoid, Accommodate, Compete, Compromise, Collaborate. Each of these areas provides suggestions for OVER-use and UNDER-use of these equally important Leadership tools.

FIRO (Workplace Relationship Needs)

By its full name, the Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation assessment provides insights into the fundamental needs that we have in workplace relationships. This assessment measures how a person behaves AND what a person needs/wants from others. The FIRO is based upon the research that says we have three fundamental needs when it comes to relationships: Inclusion, Control, and Collegiality.

FIRO Leadership Report

This assessment focuses on Leadership characteristics and competencies, providing a deeper understanding of one’s leadership drivers.

Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (EIQ-16)

Based upon the research that relationships are key to effective leadership, this in-depth assessment measures a total of 16 different behaviors broken into four main categories; How well a Leader reads people; How well a Leader understands the emotions in workplace scenarios; How well a Leader manages his/her own emotions; And how well a Leader reads other people. Each of these four major categories has 4 specific sub-behaviors that are scaled in terms of ability.

Workplace Competencies Inventory (WPI)

This assessment is designed to measure 16 work styles or work-related personality traits that are important to job success. This assessment has 7 categories for which there are several specific measured behaviors in terms of one’s ability: Achievement Orientation; Social Influence; Interpersonal Orientation (complements the FIRO); Independence; Adjustment; Conscientiousness; Practical Intelligence.

The Prophet (For Execs & Upper Mgnt)

This assessment is a business-focused profiling tool that helps people understand how they and others work in a commercial context and how they can best work together to bring value to their organization. The PROPHET helps individuals understand their style of working and its implications for working with others. It also helps teams understand how to get the best from everyone and form the right relationships to enhance performance significantly. Finally, it helps organizations understand the potential of their people to execute business strategy.

The Prophet Team Report

This report combines the individual Prophet Scores of a Leadership team and shows the complexities of what comprises the team. Using its competencies “heat map” it becomes clear where the skills are, where the overlaps are and what gaps exist.

Team Effectiveness Profile (Individual Report)

This assessment is a diagnostic instrument designed to assist groups in improving their output and work satisfaction. Under normal circumstances, issues that block a group’s effectiveness may not be brought up for discussion and resolution. These issues could remain undisclosed for years, draining a group’s energy and undermining its productive efforts. The TEP was developed to help groups systematically identify these issues, classify them under broad problem headings, and begin to reduce or eliminate them.

Team Effectiveness (Team Report)

This report combines all of the individual team effectiveness scores into one Team Report. It is a foundational tool for uncovering where team strengths and gaps are.

Time Management

The Time Mastery Profile helps individuals and teams set priorities and manage time more effectively by evaluating their effectiveness in 12 critical areas. Individuals, teams and organizations use it to help employees accomplish more, meet project deadlines, build stronger teams and better serve their customers.

Strong Interest Inventory

The Strong Interest Inventory assessment provides robust insight into a person’s interests, so that an individual can understand potential career paths or career change. Built on psychologist John Holland’s theory, it’s backed by more than 80 years of research into how people of similar interests are employed, and what motivates individuals in the workplace. It delivers effective and powerful results that contribute to the alignment between what a person has an inherent interest in and his or her career path.
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Their Words — TWG's Impact

“We worked with the Woodland Group to help establish a High Performing Team structure for one of our global functional leadership teams. During an extensive preparation phase, TWG worked closely with us to understand our business context as well as the background of the team members. As part of the subsequent workshop, TWG found a highly impactful balance between theory and reality – helping to frame insights and their significant experience in a highly effective and credible manner.’’

- Executive Director, Education Industry


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